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Good News: Rs 1 note is selling for Rs 7 lakh, How To Sell online

Good News: Rs 1 note is selling for Rs 7 lakh, How To Sell online

This Post Is About Selling of Old One Rupee Note For 7 Lakh Rupee, If You Have This One Rupee Note, It Can Make You Lakhpatti in Minutes.

Collectors of old notes and coins are making decent money by selling their collectable currencies. Buyers online are apparently ready to pay good money for rare coins and notes. In one such case, a special Rs Rs 1 note is selling for lakhs online.

If you got hold of the note, you can also earn up to Rs 7 lakh by simply selling it online right from the comfort of your home. The Indian government had stopped the printing of this special Rs 1 note 26 years ago.

While the government started reprinting Rs 1 note in India again in 2015, the special Rs 1 note that we’re talking about actually dates back pre-Independence. What makes this Rs 1 note special is the fact that it’s the sole note with the signature of the then-governor, JW Kelly. The note was actually published by British India in 1935.

Other special Rs 1 notes are also providing decent returns to collectors. For instance, a rupee note printed in 1966 is selling for Rs 45 while a 1957 note is also available for Rs 57.

How to sell old 1 Rupee  notes online?

Owners of old and collectable notes and coins can list their currencies on online classified portals to make money in no time. One such platform where you can sell rare currencies is READ ALSO: BIG Update! PM KISAN 12th Installment: These Farmers Will Not Get 12th Installment

First-time users of OLX will have to create their accounts while repetitive users can simply log in to their accounts. After signing up or logging in, you need to create a listing for the currency you want to sell. READ ALSO: Sell Rs 5 Old Note For 30,000 on Coinbazzar, Here’s How To Sell

Once your listing is live, interested buyers will start contacting you to buy the note or coin on sale. You can negotiate with the buyer to sell your collectable currency completely online.

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