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Convert Your Old Car’s Number Plate Into BH Series Number Plate

Convert Your Old Car’s Number Plate Into BH Series Number Plate

Convert Your Old Car’s Number Plate Into BH Series Number Plate
Convert Your Old Car’s Number Plate Into BH Series Number Plate

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has recently passed a new amendment allowing the conversion of regular vehicle registrations into the recently introduced BH (Bharat Series) number. This movement is being conducted to widen the BH series ecosystem.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highway said, “Vehicles currently having regular registration mark can also be converted to BH Series registration mark, subject to payment of requisite tax, to facilitate persons who subsequently become eligible for BH series registration mark,


What is a BH series Number Plate?

  • The BH Series Number was first introduced in September 2021 for personnel with transferable jobs. Initially, this provision was only extended to new cars.
  • The BH Series Number plates were only available for defence personnel, central government/state government employees, and central and state public sector undertakings (PSU) employees.
  • BH Series Number Plates removes the hassle of re-registering a vehicle when a person with a transferable job moves to another state, as it is valid throughout the country.

How to apply for a BH Series Number Plate?

  • It is Mandatory for every state authority to verify the owner’s details before granting the application.
  • Anyone who wants to apply for the BH series can easily log into the Vaahan portal and select any automobile dealer near his/her vicinity.
  • The selected dealer has to fill out a form on the Vaahan Portal on behalf of the owner.
  • People working in the private sector must present a Working Certificate from their employer and form 60, available on the Vaahan Portal.
  • It was earlier proposed that only new vehicles could be eligible for the BH series. But. Now

Is the BH series number plate expensive?

  • Well, it depends upon your car; for instance, if your vehicle costs below 10 lakhs, you only have to pay 8% of the total vehicle cost.
  • If your vehicle is above the 20 lakh range, you must shun 12% of your vehicle cost as road tax.
  • Vehicles between the 10-20 lakh bracket get charged 10% of the total vehicle cost.
Note: The above-mentioned prices are the proposed prices that will apply after this law is added and processed.

What are the Advantages of the BH Series?

  • It makes the state-to-state transfer easy, as the owner is not required to re-register and pay the road tax for his vehicle.
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